The Modern Cause of Back Pain

Back pain is not as uncommon as you may think. Increasingly our lifestyles are placing a great strain on our backs.

Pressure and stress are all too common symptoms of the hectic lives we lead. Unfortunately they can contribute to back and neck pain as we physically and emotionally tense and round up our shoulders.

In addition, we continue to work (a lot of us) in environments where we sit for long periods of time, mainly at desks glued to our computer. For some people, sitting in a chair for 40 hours plus per week is the fastest way to develop back pain that seriously hurts! And what’s worrying is that for some people, they have never even experienced back pain before; they have never had lower back pain, shoulder issues or neck pain, but suddenly notice these symptoms coming on. Even if the symptoms don’t last for very long, they can start affecting people on a daily basis.

The worst part is that when you do get lower back pain, it can seem so hard to get rid of. You try adjusting your posture and it still hurts. You try rubbing it or massaging it or stretching it out quickly – and yet it still hurts.

You try getting up and walking around and then it hurts again ten minutes later. It can be incredibly frustrating.

So here are some exercises you can do right now for lower back pain relief.

Exercises For Your Lower Back

The underlying premise is simple: you’re experiencing pain because of chronic inactivity and stress and this weakens certain muscles and tightens others. So here are two effective exercises that we know work. (Even famous celebrities and professional athletes do these to manage their back pain)

Exercise one – (Duration: 5-10 minutes)

How to do it:

  • Lie on your back with both legs bent at right angles either on a chair or block
  • Rest your hands on your stomach or lay with your arms out at the side below shoulder level, with your palms facing up
  • Breathe from your stomach. Let the lower back relax.
  • Hold the position for 5-10 minutes

Exercise two

How to do it:

  • Lie on your back with one leg resting on a chair, with your knee bent at 90 degrees, while the other leg is extended straight out and resting on the floor.
  • Make sure both legs are aligned with your hips and shoulders
  • The foot of your extended leg should be propped upright to prevent it from rolling to one side
  • Hold this position for a few minutes then do the same on the other side.

Exercise three

Make sure you move and walk even if you can only manage 10 minutes at a time. Try and do a 10 minute walk 3 times a day.

We do recommend that you always consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise programme.

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Chiropractic Care Gives Teenagers Relief From Back Pain

Nearly half of all teenagers have musculoskeletal pain. This is the finding of recent scientific research study. This article will discuss teens having pain of the musculoskeletal system, especially neck and lower back pain.

Here in Western Pennsylvania youngsters are returning to school and it is prudent to be aware of some of the common physical stresses that can cause problems. While we’re not surprised that adults engaging in vigorous physical activity may undergo injury to their neck and back some may fail to recognize that children are susceptible to the same deleterious conditions.

For instance, many of our teenagers are participating in various school activities and sports.

I have patients that are involved in the school marching band. They have been in “band camp” which requires them to be practicing daily for many hours. A number of them are carrying heavy instruments like drums and tubas. Some are on the dance team. A percentage of them will develop neck and back conditions.

Likewise, cheerleaders have been undergoing enhanced, preseason training. These students are involved in incredibly acrobatic cheerleading routines. There are girls who are called “flyers” who are literally launched into the air and do gymnastic maneuvers like flips. Then there are the youngsters who are considered the “bases” that must catch the flyers. Cheerleaders actually have a higher injury rate than football players.

Speaking of football players, we all know that they are intensely involved in their preseason practices and it’s not difficult to imagine the physical stresses they are undergoing.

Locally, boys and girls are practicing for soccer. It is common for soccer players to use their head to propel and direct or “head the ball” to a desired location. I’ve seen numerous soccer players who have injured their neck while performing this maneuver.

A recent research study published in BMC Pediatrics, June 2019 reported that nearly half of teens have musculoskeletal pain. The study noted that surveys completed by 1021 teenagers revealed that 46% had pain in one or more body sites. The data showed that teens with musculoskeletal pain in at least one body site and lower quality of life scores and lower sleep quality than their pain free peers. Additionally, participants with pain in multiple sites reported lower quality of life and sleep quality scores and those with pain in only one area.

Clearly our young people are at risk for musculoskeletal neck and back conditions.

Fortunately seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic can help many of these teens. Chiropractic care has always been shown to be a possible solution to children experiencing painful conditions. Chiropractic therapy is effective, safe and does not involve the use of possibly harmful drugs and medications and it does not involve the use of invasive procedures like surgery.

If a child complains of neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or headaches it should not be ignored. Seeing a chiropractor for consultation is highly recommended.

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